PEG-8 beeswax

PEG-8 beeswax

PEG-8 beeswax Semi-solid non-ionic self-emulsifying wax made from esterification of the free fatty acids of beeswax (Cera Alba). Forms stable oil-in-water emulsions containing a high concentration of oil phase and lipophilic active ingredients. Compatible with a variety of oils and wide pH range tolerance. White to yellowish-colored waxy semi-solid pastilles. Melting point 59-70°C/138-158°F. HLB-value 9 (gives water-in-oil emulsions). Saponification value 77-90. Not water-soluble.

Peg-8 beeswax was collected in spring and fall. Beekeepers by strengthening the breeding management, promote the bee wax secretion, spleen, and then will use the old nest spleen, build off of spleen, cut the cover of the honeycomb wax, stylobate and cutting down honey when YaoMi cover etc are collected, through artificial extraction, general is to be taken after honey hive, into the pot heated to melt, remove impurities such as the upper cocoon, bee resin, foam, hot filtration, put the cold, condenses into a piece of PEG - 8 beeswax, floating in the water, remove and is yellow. Yellow wax after refining, decolorization and other processing processes, that is, into white wax.


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