Product name:Thiacloprid
CAS: 111988-49-9
Molecular Formula: C10H9ClN4S
Molecular Weight: 252.7233
Thiacloprid is a new class of chloronicotinic insecticides that were originally made from nicotine but are now synthesized from related chemicals.

Thiacloprid mechanism are different from other traditional pesticides, Thiacloprid nerve membrane after joint, a major role in insects with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, interfere with the normal conduction, insect nervous system cause nerve channels blocked, causing a substantial accumulation of acetylcholine, which insects very excited, the whole body spasm, paralysis, and death. Thiacloprid within the tag, stomach toxicity and has strong absorption effect, we know that the organophosphorus, carbamate in insects acetyl cholinesterase, quasi deinsectization strain effect on neural axon, affect insect sodium channels in nerve cells, due to the action site and mechanism of different, Thiacloprid no interaction with conventional pesticide resistance, thus can be used for resistance management, is widely applied in those with organophosphorus, carbamate, in addition to the insect pest prevention and control of forestry in resistant strain has. Thiacloprid is one of the most effective agents to control biting and chewing insect pests.

Field experiment indicated that the Thiacloprid pome fruits, cotton, vegetables, and the important insect pests on the potato has excellent control effect. In addition to effective aphids and whitefly, it to all kinds of beetles (such as potato beetles, apple flower like armour, rice like armour) and lepidoptera pests such as the apple leaf moth and apple moth is effective, and the corresponding all crops are designed.

Thiacloprid has a rapid killing effect on pine brown longhorned beetle, poplar longhorned beetle and other kinds of longhorned beetle that are difficult to be controlled by general insecticides, which can effectively cut off the main transmission medium of pine wood nematode and inhibit the occurrence of pine wood nematode disease. After applying the drug for 2 hours, longhorned beetle began to die in large Numbers, and the control effect after 24 hours could reach over 90%. At the same time, it can also control the interleaved pine caterpillar, poplar boat moth, hemiberlesia pitysophila pest, American white moth and all kinds of looper.

Japan was the country with the most serious pine nematode disease. In recent years, the use of Thiacloprid to control pine brown lonicerae has been promoted in Japan, and the control effect is very ideal, so that the disease of pine wood nematode has been effectively controlled in Japan, and the pine tree loss rate has been reduced to one in 10,000.


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