Basic characteristics of xylose

1. Xylose is not digested and absorbed. There is no energy value to satisfy the needs of the fatter and the fatter.
2. Xylose can activate Bifidobacterium in the human intestine and promote its growth. Bifidobacteria is a beneficial bacteria. The more bacteria, the more beneficial to human health; the consumption of xylose can improve the microbial environment of the human body and improve the immunity of the body.
3. Xylose is not used by microorganisms in the oral cavity, and has some physiological functions of dietary fiber, which can lower serum cholesterol and prevent intestinal cancer.
4, xylose and food compatibility is very good, adding a small amount of xylose in food, can reflect a good health effect. The simultaneous intake of xylose and calcium can increase the body's absorption and retention rate of calcium and prevent constipation.