Expanded graphite is a very important biomedical material

Expanded graphite is a kind of very important biomedical material because of its good biocompatibility, non-toxicity, odorlessness and no side effects.
Expanded graphite was used as a medical dressing to investigate the adsorption and absorption properties of simulated body fluids and the adsorption inhibition performance of microorganisms (bacteria). The results show that the adsorption and absorption of expanded graphite on simulated body fluids is significantly higher than that of water and NaCl solutions. And significantly higher than the value of ordinary skim gauze and non-gauze gauze; the contact angle value to human plasma is close to 90°, indicating that the adhesiveness of the expanded graphite is less on the wound surface, which is beneficial to the replacement of the dressing and the reduction of the patient's dressing replacement. The pain of the time; the adsorption effect of the six bacteria in the solid phase contact state, the emergence of the inhibition ring, and no specificity to the bacterial species, indicating that the antibacterial effect mainly comes from physical adsorption. Based on excellent adsorption and drainage performance, breathable and permeable performance, adhesion to small wounds, non-staining of black wounds and adsorption inhibition of various bacteria, expanded graphite composites can be used as excellent external dressings for performance. Conventional gauze dressings work well for burns and other wounds.