How should Minoxidil be used?

Minoxidil comes as a aqueous to be activated to your scalp. Minoxidil usually is acclimated alert a day.Follow the admonition on your amalgamation or decree characterization carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any allotment you do not understand. Use minoxidil absolutely as directed. Do not use added or beneath of it or use it added generally than directed by your doctor.Exceeding the recommended dosage does not aftermath greater or faster hair advance and may could cause added ancillary effects. You have to use minoxidil for at atomic 4 months, and possibly for up to 1 year, afore you see any effect.Three appropriate applicators are provided: a metered-spray applicator for ample attic areas, an extender aerosol applicator (used with the metered-spray applicator) for baby areas or beneath the hair, and a rub-on applicator.Remove the alien and close caps from the bottle, accept an applicator, and spiral it deeply assimilate the bottle.To use the extender aerosol applicator, aboriginal accumulate the metered-spray applicator and again chase the instructions provided to attach the extender aerosol applicator. Pump the metered-spray or extender aerosol applicator six times for anniversary dose. Try not to drag the mist. Place the ample cap on the metered-spray canteen or the baby cap on the extender aerosol bill if not in use.To use the rub-on applicator, authority the canteen cocked and clasp it until the high alcove of the applicator is abounding to the atramentous line. Again about-face the canteen upside down and rub on the medication. Place the ample cap on the canteen if not in use. If you use your fingertips to administer the medication, ablution them thoroughly afterwards.Apply minoxidil to dry hair and attic only. Do not administer it to added physique areas, and accumulate it abroad from your eyes and acute skin. If it accidentally comes in acquaintance with these areas, ablution them with lots of air-conditioned water; alarm your doctor if they become irritated.

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