Physiological function of Yucca aloifolia extract

1. Improve the breeding environment
Yucca aloifolia extract can not only reduce the production of harmful gases such as ammonia and methane in animal organisms, but also reduce the emissions of nitrogen and phosphorus, thereby improving the environment of the housing estate. Its specific mechanism of action is that Yucca aloifolia extract is a urease inhibitor that not only inhibits the decomposition of urea into ammonia, but also promotes the conversion of ammonia into microbial proteins, thereby reducing the production of ammonia in the feces and urine. Adsorption or combination of harmful gases such as ammonia in the environment can prevent the nitrogen in the excrement and urine from being nitrated, so that the nitrogen is present in an inorganic form, thereby reducing the amount of ammonia emitted into the air.
2. Regulate the intestinal environment
Yucca aloifolia extract can promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, improve the intestinal environment, and facilitate the growth and development of intestinal villi; it can reduce the formation of ammonia, stabilize the pH in the intestine, promote protein digestion and absorption, and provide and maintain normal intestinal tract for animal growth. Environment, and the saponin in Yucca aloifolia extract can improve the permeability of bacterial cell wall. Facilitate the absorption and utilization of nutrients faster. In addition, Yucca extract has a positive effect on inhibiting the number of coccidia, improving animal health and reducing mortality, and has been widely used to control coccidiosis in chickens.
3. Improve animal growth performance
The saponins of Yucca aloifolia extract are difficult to pass through the digestive tract epithelial cells due to their special chemical structure, but they have surface activity, which can change the morphology of the epithelial cell membrane of the digestive tract and reduce the surface tension of the cell membrane, thereby promoting the absorption of nutrients. As the yucca extract can reduce the concentration of ammonia, reduce the proliferation of intestinal tissue, slow down the regeneration of intestinal tissue, reduce the consumption of energy, protein and oxygen, and promote the deposition and digestion of nutrients.