Thiacloprid is a new biomimetic pesticide

As a new biomimetic pesticide, thiacloprid has the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity, safety and environmental protection, and little impact on the environment, trees and fruits:
1, for human and animal safety: thiacloprid has high insecticidal activity against Monochamus alternatus, but its toxicity is extremely low, it has high safety to humans and animals, and the agent has no odor or irritation, and the application operation Personnel and residents in the application area are safe.
2, for environmental safety: due to the low vapor pressure of its active ingredients, it will not pollute the air. Due to the short half-life, the thiacloprid residue will decompose rapidly after entering the soil and water, with little impact on the environment.
3, safety for aquatic organisms: toxicity to fish and other aquatic organisms is also very low, usually has no effect on aquatic organisms.
4, for beneficial insect safety: thiacloprid has very little effect on beneficial insects, especially for bees, and can also be used in trees and crops.
5, microcapsule slow release technology greatly extended the duration of the drug. It can be used in rainy conditions for 40 days or more. It can be used for up to 90 days under low rainfall conditions. This greatly reduces the number of times of application and the amount of drug used, so that pests of different stages can be prevented and controlled, and the cost of prevention is greatly reduced.