Yttrium oxide main purposes

Yttrium oxide main purposes: 1, Yttrium oxide is used in the manufacture of various ceramics, optical glass, phosphors, laser materials and refractory materials, used as a catalyst for the synthesis of ethane from carbon monoxide and hydrogen.
2. Yttrium oxide is used to manufacture composite oxides such as single crystal, yttrium garnet and yttrium aluminum garnet. These composite oxides can be used as magnetic materials for microwaves and important materials for military communication engineering due to their high frequency performance. It can also be used as high-temperature transparent glass for high-grade optical glass additives, ceramic material additives, x-ray intensifying screen rare earth phosphors, high-brightness phosphors for large-screen TVs and other tube coatings. It is also used in the manufacture of film capacitors and special refractory materials, as well as bubble magnetic material for high pressure mercury lamps, lasers, storage elements and the like.
3. Yttrium oxide is used to manufacture light sources in infrared spectrometers. Yarn cover for acetylene lamps and gas lamps. Color TV tube phosphor. Zirconia refractory stabilizer. Phosphor. Artificial gemstone laser crystals, superconducting materials, and many cutting-edge applications in the electronics industry.