What is it of the Ebastine

  What is it of the Ebastine? For many people, it may not be well known, but here's the introduction to it:
  By the nickname of Ebastine; Ai and stop; Department can be stopped; Ebastel; Kestine, chemical name for 1 - (4 - tert-butyl phenyl) - 4 - [4 - (diphenyl methoxy) - 1 - piperidine base] - 1 - butyl ketone, is a non hygroscopic, white crystalline powder. Molecular formula: C32H39NO2, molecular weight: 469.65800, melting point: 80-82 ° C. Its antihistamine activity is competitive at low concentrations, and high concentrations are not competitive. Clinically applied to allergic diseases, including childhood allergic rhinitis, adult chronic rhinitis, seasonal rhinitis, hay fever and chronic urticaria.