The important role of pharmaceutical excipients

  With the development of the times and the progress of science, the research of drug preparation has entered the era of drug delivery system. In the future, the research of drug delivery system will play an important role in the fields of chemical pharmacy, biotechnology and biological treatment. The development of drug excipients has become an important factor restricting the development of drug delivery system in china. Some experts suggest that we should attach importance to the role of pharmaceutical excipients in the preparation of research, increase support, and promote the rapid development of domestic accessories industry.
  The drug delivery system for drug release function to support, so the research by materials, re evaluation of the research and application of new materials, the existing auxiliary function and new preparation technology of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises should become the preferred research project. China's pharmaceutical experts Shen Huifeng senior researcher believes that the activity of drug dosage forms is the substance of the body part, determines the effect of the whole direction; ensure the accessories are drugs to a certain procedure selectively delivered to the tissues, the prevention of drug release from the body before inactivation, and the drug in the body at a certain speed and time, release in certain parts. Therefore, the dosage form composed of suitable excipients has a positive effect on the practical application and the efficacy of the drug.