What is shaquinavir

  What is shaquinavir? A lot of people might not know it well, but here's the introduction:
  Shaquinas, also known as the double quinnava, shaquinavir, and shaquinas. The first HIV protease inhibitor to go public.
  In clinical studies, the changes in the sensitivity of the virus in culture (phenotype resistance) and protease amino acid sequence (genotype resistance) were studied. In patients who treated and developed resistance in shaquinone, two protease mutations (L90M and G48V, both of which were rare) were isolated. A group of patients with stage I/II clinical trial, the joint use of nucleoside analogues (DDC and/or AZT) treatment, the incidence of drug resistance genes within a year is about 38% (15 cases) of 39 cases. The clinical significance of the phenotype and genotype changes associated with the treatment of shaquinone is unclear.