What is the Emtricitabine

  What is the Emtricitabine? He marina for pharmaceutical products grace many people may not know, here is introduced:
  Grace he is by the marina Gilead Siences company successfully developed a new type of nuclear nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, antiviral drugs, on HIV, HIV - 1-2 and has antiviral activity, HBV antiviral activity in its specificity to HIV - 1, 2 and HBV, HIV - and its drug concentration to mnol 100 / L, also did not see it on HSV - 1, 2, HCMV, VZV HSV -, corona, yellow fever virus, respiratory syncytial virus, Rota, or nasal influenza virus virus activity. Even lower than the molar concentration, the drug also showed the LAV and Ⅲ B strains of HIV 1 and HIV - 2 ROD2 and potent inhibition of ZY strains, the IC50 alue concentration is lower than AZT (zidovudine) 95 times.
  This product is a new kind of nuclear nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, on HIV, HIV - 1-2 and HBV antiviral activity. This product after the oral by phosphorylation with cell activity of 5 '- triphosphate, 5' - three phosphates by entering the main chain of the viral DNA, combined with the main chain, chain termination, thus inhibiting HIV - 1 reverse transcriptase and HBV DNA polymerase activity.