Pharmaceutical raw bet upgrade

Environmental pressures to the enterprise both challenges and more to upgrade power. Members of Academic Committee of China Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute Yu Xiong believes that raw material drug companies should keep an eye change policies, market, technology, innovations from the specialized, sophisticated, special.

'Historical debts' should also, should not be discounted green technology introduction. Zhang said the new pointed out that enterprises should be the source of the start, one win to change the number of the concept of competition, the adjustment of product structure, the focus to the development and production of high-end products, 'to control overproduction can make almost half reduce pollution.' Second shift pollution control mode terminal governance. Section in the workshop, post the upstream source abatement technology; separate collection of high concentration, toxic pollutants, to reduce capital and operating cost of the terminal governance. Third, pollution control and resource utilization of waste, promoting recycling economy. Fourth is to change the concept of polluter exclusive control operations. In January this year, 'the State Council on the implementation of environmental pollution control third-party opinions,' the release, so that 'those who created pollution' New Approaches pollution and pollution risk decomposition specialization trend. Although there are still difficulties in the implementation, but the future will continue to improve its supporting measures. Fifth, the establishment of ISO14001 environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.

Strong investment in environmental protection is bound to bring increased product costs, the cost of how to transform?

'Compared to the bulk product and its manufacturer under environmental pressure decrease, limit, stop, green technology to drive high quality bulk drugs under the (characteristics of bulk drugs) began popular.' There is a set of data for the Wu Huifang provided support these conclusions: characteristics of bulk drugs statins, Sartan, Plymouth, new antibiotics and other characteristics of bulk drugs exports increased year by year, as in 2014 the export volume of raw materials statin drugs and related intermediates has reached $ 160 million. On exports of raw material drug companies last year among the top of the list, with characteristics of bulk drugs in Huahai, Hisun ar