Pharmacological studies of lappaconitine analgesic activity

The lappaconitine analgesic action that is included in the basis of Aconitum sinomantanum Nakai, was advised afterwards articulate administration, application subcutaneous administering to mice or rats painkillers screening methods, namely, bowl heating, appendage diving, compression the tail, the appendage of book contortions induced by acerb acid, induced by bradykinin flexion reflex of the afterwards legs and methods of Randall-Selitto. The after-effects were compared with those of morphine, indomethacin and acetylsalicylic acerbic (ASA).

analgesic activities lappaconitine were college than those of indomethacin and aspirin, but in accepted from about 2 to 5 times beneath than that of morphine. But in immersing the rat appendage test, lappaconitine presented orally analgesic added almighty than morphine administered; in this analysis was lappaconitine about appropriately able if administered orally and subcutaneously, while the ability of morphine administered subcutaneously of morphine alone one twentieth was administered orally.

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