Where can I get the Famciclovir

  Where can I get the Famciclovir? For many people this is a strange drug, and here's the introduction to it:
  Panglovir is the second antibacterial antibacterial agent, mainly used for herpes virus infection, especially shingles. Pangylovir was a drug that was converted into a spray from the gut wall and the liver by enzymes.
  Pangylovir was rapidly absorbed by the mouth, and the bioavailability was 77%, and it quickly passed through the body into a spray of cloilovir, which was about 2h, or about 60-65% of the kidneys. In - varicella zoster virus infection cell has a longer half-life (9-10 hours), herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 infection cell half-life for 10 hours and 20 hours respectively.