Where is the better Famciclovir

  Where is the better paniclovir? For many people this is a strange drug, and here's the introduction to it:
  Panglovir is the second antibacterial antibacterial agent, mainly used for herpes virus infection, especially shingles. Pangylovir was a drug that was converted into a spray from the gut wall and the liver by enzymes.
  After entering the human body quickly into spray yesterday, respectively.there spray yesterday galloway thymidine kinase phosphorylation can be virus encoded into OCV monosodium phosphate, and then through the host phosphorylation become spray yesterday three phosphates, respectively.there triphosphate formation quickly in infected cells, slow metabolism, to prolong half-life, participate in HBV DNA - p GTP (Pgtp) competition, and into the DNA, role in the initiation and extension of DNA synthesis steps, inhibit the synthesis of DNA, the varicella - zoster virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 and have stronger inhibitory effect on HBV.