Low-carbohydrate diet compared to a low-fat diet is more effective

A US health study found that reducing fat intake in food is more effective than reducing carbohydrates to lose weight.

The latest report released by the US National Institutes of Health, said a researcher for 19 obese adult men and women were observed for two weeks, so they eat a standard diet for five days as a baseline and then randomly assigned 19 men and women to this 'low fat diet based 'and' low-carbohydrate diet based 'two groups, and then for them to observe a six-day.

They found that reducing the intake of fat and carbohydrates can lose weight. That group with low-carb-eating men and women, their body fat oxide increased, reduction of fat per day is about 53 g; another group with a low-fat diet consisting mainly of men and women, fat oxide did not increase, but decrease every day about 89 grams of fat.

US National Institutes of Health researcher Hall said, compared with the low-fat diet in reducing insulin secretion, increase fat burning side, low-carbohydrate diets are particularly effective, it is prompting the body burn fat by fat reduction. In the meantime, Hall pointed out, low-fat diet to reduce fat intake, directly reduce body fat.

Researchers found that the most effective way to lose weight is that people can persevere approach. One must consider what kind of diet is more suitable for them, choose what kind of their own dieting easier and ensure that they can adhere to such a diet for a long time. Perseverance in order to lose weight.